Orbital Payload Launch

Japanese Payload Launches

2012 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japan successfully conducted ## orbital launches in 2012. There are seven total HTV missions planned, launching roughly every year until 2016, after which the future of the HTV has yet…

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2011 – Japan Launch, Payload

The Japanese space program continued operations at its usual pace with ## launches in 2011. The first launch occurred in January and sent the second H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) to…

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2010 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japan conducted ## successful launches of its H-IIA rocket, compared with ## launches in 2009. The Japanese space program was also able to end a launch window restriction at its…

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2009 – Japan Launch, Payload

In contrast to countries that fill various space-launch niches with an array of different rocket types, Japan has chosen to focus its rocket development efforts by progressively enhancing and refining…

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2008 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japan, after conducting a high of ## orbital launches in 2006, performed ## orbital ## in 2008. Japan is developing an enhanced version of its H-II vehicle, the H-IIB, designed…

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Japanese Payload Launches *

Interested in Japanese space launch vehicle activity? Please select the associated link to read about it. [exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2019?country()=Japan?title_prefix=Japanese Orbital Launches[/exhibit]

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