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Data Infrastructure

Launch Log, 2024

Interested in this year’s global space activity? Keep track of orbital launch trends with our 2024 launch log. Launch data is updated every day during weekdays, excluding U.S. holidays.

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Private Astronauts by Operator

Activity is picking up again in 2023 as Virgin Galactic completed its first tourist flights, and after posting the results of its investigation in March, Blue Origin expects to return to flight soon.

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Astronaut and Mission Count for Top Nations

Public astronauts typically complete multiple missions in space over their careers — 65% have two or more flights compared to only 9% of private space travelers. Retired NASA astronaut Frederick “CJ” Sturckow remains the only person to have visited space eight times.

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Astronauts by Mission Count

In more recent years, commercial spaceflight operators have led another wave of new activity, this time targeting private astronauts and tourists primarily taking suborbital trips to space.

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