Commercial Infrastructure and Support Industries

2017 – Space Insurance – Snapshot

Satellite and launch insurance allows the private sector to manage some of the risk involved in launching and operating satellites, including launch anomalies and damage caused by space weather, debris, or other events in orbit. In 2017, approximately . . .

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2015 – Space Insurance

Infrastructure support industries include activities that do not directly involve development or use of space assets, but are necessary to the smooth operation and advancement of the industry. This category includes space insurance and privately funded research and development. Space premiums in 2015 amounted to $726.6 million, their lowest level since 2001. Seven events, including both launch failures and incidents involving satellites in orbit, led to market losses of $664.3 million, resulting in $62.2 million in profits. This is a significant decrease from the $222.5 million in profits in 2014, but an increase from the $23.3 million in losses in 2013

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