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2016 TSRQ1 – Space Products & Innovation

As humans continue to explore space, their ingenuity brings the technology used for space operations and exploration down to Earth. Whether leading sport-fishermen to a favorite fishing hole, or helping farmers predict crop yields, space products and services continue to make things convenient for humans and help them survive during turbulent times.

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Payload Launch

Whether suborbital or orbital, the world remained busy launching vehicles into space. The distinction between suborbital and orbital launch is very specific. Suborbital launches lack…

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2015 – U.S. Army Space Operator Demographics

The U.S. Army selects and trains its space operators—FA40 officers—around an officer’s four-year career point. The officers come from a variety of U.S. Army backgrounds, but once they have finished the Army’s space operations training classes, they become dedicated Space Professionals, gaining an FA40 career prefix. As of January 2015, the U.S. Army’s armored career…

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