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A new era of space exploration and space-inspired industries is beginning to unfold. Opportunities abound for everyone to take part in the global space economy.

Where do those opportunities lie? What might the future hold?

Published by Space Foundation and trusted by decision-makers and major media outlets, The Space Report delivers the space analysis and space industry insights you need to navigate the New Space Age.

The Space Report sheds light on the burgeoning space economy, space technology advancements, space workforce trends, and investment activity. Whether you’re investing in space, analyzing space policy, or reporting on the space industry, The Space Report is your premier resource.


"The frontiers of security, commerce, and exploration, as well as science, technology, and engineering, are no longer on Earth. These pillars of civilization now reside in space. And the Space Report takes you there — quarterly — where nearly every page, every chart, every graph inspires you to visualize this future while empowering you to make it happen."

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist | Board Member emeritus, Space Foundation

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Media heavyweights routinely count on data from The Space Report for their reporting on the space industry.

Top 3 Reasons to Get The Space Report

#1 Uncover Opportunities and Trends

The Space Report looks beyond the numbers to delve into what those numbers mean, the trends they reflect, and the industry and policy changes that may develop as a result of that data.

#2 Get the Big Picture of the Global Space Economy

The Space Report has the research and analysis you need to understand the big picture of the global space ecosystem.
Cited by major publications and relied on by government organizations, The Space Report provides insight into the full scope of space industry activities.

  • Government, military and commercial space spending
  • Launch and payload activity
  • Emerging research and program development
  • Public and private investment and market activity
  • International workforce development and hiring
  • International space policy

#3 Understand the Outlook of the Global Space Industry

It’s crucial to understand where we are as a global space industry and where we’re headed because there’s so much at stake.

  • The space economy hit $447B in 2021—55% higher than a decade ago
  • Commercial space revenue grew 6.6% in 2020, exceeding $356B
  • 15 new launch vehicles are expected to make maiden flights in 2022—the busiest year for new rockets since the dawn of the Space Age
  • 85 nations now operate in space

The time to act is now. Uncover opportunities and understand space trends with The Space Report—a comprehensive analysis of the global space ecosystem.

Space Topics

The Space Report covers four key space topic areas: the global space economy, space infrastructure, space workforce, and space services and products. These core areas of expertise help maintain space awareness while contributing critical, unbiased research as a service to the industry. The Space Report also delves into education, advances in research, space technology news, and other topics helping to shape the global industry.

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The Space Report covers four main categories of economic activity to bring the picture of the global space economy into focus:

  • Commercial infrastructure and support activities
  • Commercial space services and products
  • U.S. government space budgets
  • Non-U.S. government space budgets

Updates to global space economy data rely heavily on reports from organizations and governments.

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