Missile Detection Satellites

Other Countries with Missile Detection and Defense

2016 – Russian Missile Detection

Russia’s 2016 space-based early warning missile detection system consists of one satellite, a new generation “Tundra” satellite called Kosmos-2510.[fn[]Anatoly Zak. “Launch of the first EKS (Tundra) satellite.” December 7,…

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2015 – Russian Missile Detection

Near the beginning of 2015, Russia’s Oko early warning missile detection satellite system was non-functional. The country remained without space-based missile detection capability until late 2015, when Russia’s military launched…

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2010 – French Missile Detection

France has several communications and technology development satellites, including two SPIRALE spacecraft in HEO. These microsatellites launched in 2009 serve as demonstrators for missile-warning capabilities. France has several communications and…

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2014 – Russian Missile Detection

As of early 2015, Russia was not able to detect missile launches by means of its Oko missile warning satellite system. The last two of the system’s HEO satellites ceased…

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