NASA Civil Servant Workforce

NASA Demographics

Workforce: Space Workforce – TSR 2017

Workforce: Space Workforce - TSR 2017 explores U.S. space, European space, Japanese space , and Indian space workforces at national levels, including NASA and U.S. National Security space workforce.

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2009 – NASA Demographics

NASA workforce dynamics driven by programmatic changes are complicated by demographic trends within the overall U.S. space workforce. Both NASA civil servants and the wider U.S. aerospace industry workforce can…

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2010 – NASA Demographics

Since 2004, NASA has been planning for the retirement of the Space Shuttle, scheduled to fly its last mission in 2011. The shuttle was to be replaced by the Constellation…

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2012 – NASA Demographics

As of the beginning of fiscal year (FY) 2013, NASA employed ## individuals, a decrease of ##% from the start of FY 2012. This is just ##% below the average…

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NASA is one of the five U.S. federal agencies with the largest proportions of scientists and engineers among their workforces. While approximately ##% of NASA’s overall workforce is female, only ##%…

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