European Space Workforce

European Space Agency Employment

2013 – European Space Agency Employment

The European Space Agency (ESA) has a staff of ## employees. About half of these individuals work as engineers, scientists, or astronauts. Women make up about a quarter of ESA employees, but only ##% of science and engineering personnel. ESA has a particularly low portion of young professionals—just ##% of ESA employees are under 35.

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2012 – European Space Agency Employment

The European Space Agency (ESA) employs a staff of about ##, more than half of which are scientists, engineers, or astronauts. About ##% of the workforce is under 35, a significantly smaller portion than NASA’s ##%. The percentage of individuals within ESA that are over 54 is ##%, which is somewhat below NASA’s ##%.

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2011 – European Space Agency Employment – Snapshot

As of June 2011, the European Space Agency (ESA) directly employed 2,251 people, and another 2,000 people worked on-site as contractors. More than half of ESA’s employees were engineers and an additional 138 were astronauts and scientists. The remaining 913 employees, comprising about 41% of the total ESA workforce, held administrative or managerial roles.

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