Communications Satellites

2018 – Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure

Space infrastructure, like its terrestrial counterpart, is an invisible backbone for services used by people all over the world. Like terrestrial infrastructure, space infrastructure is increasingly relied upon for convenience, services, and . . .

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2016 – Communications Satellites – Snapshot

The launch of Telstar 1 in July 1962 brought a novel way to communicate between continents and people. Despite changes in technology since then, the type of communications associated with Telstar 1, the television broadcast, is very much the kind of…

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Mobile Satellite Service Satellite Design

MSS providers offer satellite-based communications directly to consumers through devices such as mobile phones. Traditionally, MSS has provided basic voice and data services to ships and locations underserved by terrestrial facilities. MSS is also particularly valuable in the aftermath of natur… Thank you for visiting The Space Report! The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity,…

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Fixed Satellite Service Satellite Design

International rights to geostationary orbital slots are vital to FSS operators that need to reach the most promising markets. The orbital arc is becoming congested with more satellites utilizing the traditional C- and Ku-band frequencies, which raises the importance of careful coordination amon… Thank you for visiting The Space Report! The Authoritative Guide to Global…

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