Communications Satellites

2018 – Swarm/FCC – Snapshot

January 2018 marked the first time a U.S. communications satellite operator deployed satellites without the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) permission. In April 2017, nine months before the launch, the…

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Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure

Introduction | Space infrastructure, like its terrestrial counterpart, is an invisible backbone for services used by people all over the world. Like terrestrial infrastructure, space infrastructure is increasingly relied upon…

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2014 – Communications Satellites Overview

Communications satellites have been a crucial part of the global telecommunications infrastructure for decades. They bridge the oceans and connect continents with international telephone calls, bring live video footage of…

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2005 – Broadband-to-Home

Sidebar -- Consumer broadband services offered by WildBlue Communications, Inc. and Telesat Canada in North America attracted thousands of customers by the end of 2005, and hundreds of thousands are expected to sign…

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