Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Satellites

Chinese PNT Satellites (BeiDou)

2017 – BeiDou – Snapshot

In 2017, China continued expanding its BeiDou constellation, the nation’s space-based PNT system. Launching two BeiDou satellites, the nation’s share increased to 26% of all PNT satellites. The 25 Chinese…

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2016 – BeiDou – Snapshot

China’s expansion of its positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) constellation, BeiDou, continued during 2016. The country’s share of the world’s orbiting operational PNT satellites increased to 23%, one percentage point…

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2014 – BeiDou

China was uncharacteristically inactive in terms of PNT satellite launches during 2013 and 2014. A new navigation test satellite the Chinese were expected to launch for phase 3 of the…

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2008 – BeiDou

China is planning to supplement its Compass Satellite network already in development. In April 2007, China launched BeiDou-2, the first MEO satellite for Compass. Plans have been announced for the…

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2012 – BeiDou

Since 2000, China has been building its own PNT system, known as BeiDou. In December 2011, the Chinese government announced that its initial services—location data and SMS messaging—commenced for users…

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2013 – BeiDou

In 2011, China became the third nation to declare a PNT system operational, with the announcement that its BeiDou system was able to provide location data and SMS messaging for…

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2015 – BeiDou – Snapshot

In 2014, China had paused in its BeiDou PNT satellite launch activities with its BeiDou satellites making up 20.5% of the global PNT satellite fleets. There were 16 BeiDou satellites…

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2011 – BeiDou – Snapshot

Since 2000, China has also been building its own national PNT system, known as Beidou (the Mandarin name for the constellation otherwise known as the Big Dipper). China launched three…

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