Orbital Payload Launch

Chinese Payload Launches

2015 – China Launch, Payload

China’s share of the global orbital launch market in 2015 nearly matched that of the United States. China accounted for slightly more than ##% of the global orbital launch market.…

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2007 – China Launch, Payload

China has announced plans to develop the Long March 5 heavy rocket. China has announced plans to develop the Long March 5 heavy rocket.[efn_note]“China Developing New Heavy-Duty Carrier Rockets.” China…

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Chinese Payload Launches *

Interested in Chinese space launch vehicle activity? Please select the associated link to read about it. [exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2019?country()=China?title_prefix=Chinese Orbital Launches?veh_type=lv_name[/exhibit]

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2014 – China Launch, Payload

China’s 2014 rate of ## launch attempts surpassed its 2013 total by ##. China’s launch vehicle family of choice was the Long March, and all ## of China’s launches were…

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2013 – China Launch, Payload

China’s launch rate in 2013 fell by ##% compared to the previous two years, when China set a national record for number of orbital launches. Of China’s ## orbital launch…

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2012 – China Launch, Payload

In 2012, China continued to outpace the United States in number of orbital launches, making ## orbital launch attempts in 2012, all of which were successful. This makes 2012 the…

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2008 – China Launch, Payload

China’s increasing participation in space continued in 2008 with the record high of ## orbital launches, exceeding its previous peak of ## orbital launches in 2007. These launches used China’s…

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2011 – China’s Launch efforts – Snapshot

[exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2011?country()=China?title_prefix=Chinese Orbital Launches[/exhibit] China’s annual total of 19 flights surpassed its previous record of 15 launches set in 2010. Additionally, 2011 marked the first year that China conducted more orbital…

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