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2008 - Workforce

Topic: Workforce
Investment in space creates measurable benefits that flow across a wide spectrum of economic activity. The greatest investment that the space industry can make is in its people. The global space economy creates high-paying jobs and also stimulates demand for products and services in industries not...

2008 - Swedish Spaceports

Country: Sweden
Esrange is a small spaceport located near Kiruna in northern Sweden. It was founded in 1964 by the European Space Research Organization, the predecessor to ESA, and in 1972 was transferred to the Swedish Space Corporation. Thus far, only suborbital rockets and high altitude balloons have been...

2008 - Iranian Spaceports

Country: Iran
Proposed SpaceportsLittle information is publicly available about Semnan Launch Site, 170 kilometers east of Tehran, which conducted Iran’s 2008 Kavoshgar (Explorer) suborbital rocket tests as well as its unsuccessful Safir orbital launch attempt. Launch facilities seen in released footage...

Tagging Disaster Areas in Satellite Imagery

Scandicraft, a Norwegian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) service provider, has developed a system that “geotags,” or marks the physical location of, aerial images from a disaster area and uploads the images via satellite link within minutes. The system was tested in 2008 during a U.N.-organized...

2008 - U.S. Launch, Human

Country: United States
Note: This exhibit is from The Space Report 2009. Please refer to this year's exhibits for the most current data as numbers may have been revised since this edition was published.NASA plans to retire the Space Shuttle in 2010, though the agency has considered extending the vehicle’s life to...

2008 - U.S. Launch, Payload

Country: United States
Five U.S. launch vehicles performed orbital missions in 2008: the Atlas V, Delta II, Falcon 1, Pegasus XL, and the Space Shuttle. All but the Falcon 1 have been in service for at least six years, with extensive operational histories including at least a dozen successful orbital...

2008 - Bigelow Space Stations

Topic: Bigelow
Country: United States
Bigelow Aerospace, an entrepreneurial company, is developing a second type of in-space platform: an inflatable habitat. Essentially a compressed module that expands once deployed in space, the habitat is designed to accommodate experiments and sustain human occupants in the future. Following on the...

2008 - GPS

Country: United States
The U.S. Navigation Signal Timing and Ranging Global Positioning System (NAVSTAR GPS or GPS) is the only fully operational satellite-based navigation network. Best known from its widespread commercial applications, the network was deployed and is operated by the U.S. Air Force. The GPS fleet...

Satellite Entertainment Offerings Grow

Country: United States
In 2008, ICO Global Communications began testing a mobile TV service using a satellite over the United States designed to deliver up to 15 television channels for entertainment starting in 2010. ICO also plans to offer navigation and emergency services and is experimenting with delivering Internet...

The Convergence of "G" Phones and GPS

Country: United States
Smartphones are advanced mobile phones with features similar to personal computers. Devices released in 2008 such as the Apple iPhone 3G and the T-Mobile G1 put the power of space products and services into pockets everywhere. These new phones have integrated GPS hardware and powerful processors...