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The global space industry relies on a highly qualified workforce. Understanding the trends in this workforce, including changes in size and demographics, provides insight into the overall health of the...

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The global space industry maintained its long-term growth trend in 2014, expanding by ##% from 2013. The combined total for commercial revenues and government budgets was $## billion in 2014, up from $## billion in 2013.
The U.S. space workforce includes individuals that work in the commercial, civil, and national security sectors. The U.S. space workforce has seen contraction across all of these sectors...
In 2015, the survey included new companies, resulting in more than ## additional workers. More than half of the newly added workers were in Spain, with the rest falling in the “other countries” category.
Growth in two sectors offset a decrease in the ground facilities sector, which shed ## jobs, ##% of that sector’s workforce.
Exhibit 4x provides a snapshot of the workforce sizes in space agencies around the world. Direct comparisons among agencies should be avoided or undertaken with care, as differences...
Year: 2015
The space industry operates at the cutting edge of technology and requires a highly skilled, highly trained workforce to build, launch, and utilize space assets. Trends in the size and composition of this workforce provide insight into ongoing dynamics and future health of the sector.
Year: 2014
Country: Japan, United States
A highly skilled workforce is essential to the success of the global space industry. Along with examination of trends in budgets, revenue, and hardware development, analysis of the workforce provides insight into the current and future health of the industry. The space workforce has largely...
Year: 2011
The space sector employs hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world. Space workers are attracted to the industry for reasons both practical and visionary. They hail from diverse educational backgrounds and earn salaries well above average while utilizing skills attractive to a variety...

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