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Featured Stories

Featured Stories

Volunteer space operators who take over old NASA spacecraft; robots on faraway planets impacting the technologies of Earth's inhabitants; space agencies finding alternative uses for technologies and processes originally designed for space operations and exploration--each one of these topics and others are worth exploring in more detail. This is the purpose of The Space Report's "Featured Stories." Years of featured stories are gathered here, some short, some long, but all interesting.

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Year: 2014
Country: United States
One standout story in 2014 exemplifies public interest, funding, and dedication to space exploration. The story involves an old NASA spacecraft, a group of volunteers, successful donation requests through crowdfunding, and ultimately, the reanimation and operation of a spacecraft once thought lost...
Year: 2013
Country: India, United States
Space agencies explore distant planets and study galaxies billions of light years away, endeavors that might appear far removed from Earthly concerns, but in reality represent the  building blocks for technologies that are changing our lives on a daily basis.
Year: 2012
Country: Canada, China
While space has many practical applications that are already making real differences in people’s daily lives, many more research activities are still in the early stages of development. Depending on their maturity and complexity, the practical uses of these research avenues are not always well...
Year: 2011
Space products and services are an integral part of many activities and sectors throughout the global economy. Exhibit 1b shows seven major categories in which space products and services make a strong contribution. Within these categories, space products and services include items that rely on...
Year: 2010
On October 26, 2010, the last of 33 trapped Chilean miners was lifted to the surface. The rescue ended an unprecedented 69 days of underground survival following a tunnel collapse in a 100-year-old mine. The story of the trapped miners and the international effort to save them captivated the world....
Year: 2009
Use of satellite-based positioning, navigation, and timing services such as GPS continues to grow worldwide. GPS is operated by the United States as a global utility in which U.S. taxpayers fund development and operations. Although GPS was developed and is maintained by the military, it is now...
Year: 2008
Space-based capabilities are being fused to create useful capabilities. One new capability is described by the term “geoinformatics,” which involves the convergence of PNT, remote sensing, and position information of known objects to enable dynamic location-based content.
Year: 2008
The primary industries using space-based products and services involve Earth-orbiting satellites used for communication; remote sensing and Earth observation; and position, navigation, and timing. An emerging sector of inspace products and services now includes personal spaceflight and private...
Year: 2007
Country: United States
While space infrastructure’s products and services initially only served the communications and media sectors, they now deliver value across virtually all economic areas, from transportation to healthcare to financial services.
Year: 2007
Satellite-related products and services form the largest portion of the space industry, driven primarily by the use of communication and positioning satellites. Commercial communications satellites provide both fixed and mobile satellite services. Fixed satellite services (FSS) are those where the...

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