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Space Products and Services Overviews

From designing fire-resistant underwear to predicting floods and droughts, each endeavor is a step toward improving life with space technology. Space products and services result from humans creatively pursuing solutions to problems and questions in day-to-day life. The knowledge and expertise we gain from operating in space is regularly used to exceed old standards and set new ones at home on Earth.

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Year: 2017
People and businesses continued to harness space technology and services in 2017, sometimes in surprising ways. New companies are using space-acquired data in new ways, aided in no small part by the ubiquity of the smartphone. Blind people can download an application to a smartphone and...
Year: 2016
Space continued to change the way people did business on Earth during 2016. The public’s increased demands for space products and services attracted growing investments and activities in space. Services providing meaningful and relevant satellite data in compressed time frames garnered attention...
Year: 2015
Space technology, combined with communication networks, is displacing traditional ways of monitoring infrastructure and providing services. The Flanders region of Belgium is using geo-fencing and communications to replace underground sensors on its tram networks...
Year: 2015
Country: United States
People recognize the benefits of space products and services, using creativity to overcome daily existential challenges and improve lives. The space products and services industry crosses the spectrum of demands and necessities, and continued to grow in 2014, sometimes leveraging the same kind of...
Year: 2013
Space products and services developed over the course of decades have altered the way people relate to both their planet and each other. Constellations of satellites orbiting the Earth provide a steady stream of information. Detailed forecasts provided by weather satellites as well as environmental...
Year: 2012
Country: Japan, United States
Products and services derived from or enabled by space assets, technologies, or activities provide tangible benefits to people on Earth and continue to improve the quality of life in countries around the world, often in ways that are not readily apparent.
Year: 2011
Space products and services are things used by people on Earth which rely on the data or connections provided by satellites, as well as items that use technology originally developed for use in space activities but which are now applied to non-space applications. There are currently almost 1,000...
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Products and services from space permeate daily life in a number of ways, many of which are not obvious. Fleets of satellites monitor the Earth’s lands, oceans, and atmosphere, helping us improve our quality of life in a sustainable manner. Communications satellites provide greater connectivity,...
Year: 2009
While space remains remote and mysterious in many ways, it has also become a part of everyday life. A fleet of nearly 1,000 satellites orbiting high above provides a connection between space and life on Earth. These spacecraft explore the Solar System and the cosmos, collect information on the...
Year: 2008
Space products and services and their related space technology spinoffs have become part of the fabric of daily life in ways that people increasingly take for granted, and often in ways that do not even bring space to mind. The products and services that depend upon space platforms drive...

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