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Chinese Payload Launches

Year: 2018
Country: China
Interested in Chinese space launch vehicle activity? Please select the associated link to read about it.
Year: 2017
Country: China
China’s share of global orbital launch activity fell from its 2016 high of ##% to ##% for 2017. The nation’s ## launch attempts moved it down in global launch activity ranking from...
Year: 2016
Country: China
China’s share of the global orbital launch market for 2016 matched that of ### and exceeded all other launch providers. The nation’s launch rate of ## in 2016 was the highest number of launch attempts China conducted and the first time the country went over ## launches in a single year. China...
Year: 2015
Country: China
China’s share of the global orbital launch market in 2015 nearly matched that of the United States. China accounted for slightly more than ##% of the global orbital launch market. China’s SLV launch rate of ## for 2015 helped the country maintain its position in the global launch industry from...
Year: 2014
Country: China
China’s 2014 rate of ## launch attempts surpassed its 2013 total by ##. China’s launch vehicle family of choice was the Long March, and all ## of China’s launches were successful as they deployed a variety of military and civil spacecraft. One of China’s newest launch vehicles was...
Year: 2013
China’s launch rate in 2013 fell by ##% compared to the previous two years, when China set a national record for number of orbital launches. Of China’s ## orbital launch attempts in 2013, ## were successful and deployed a variety of military, civil, and crewed spacecraft. 
Year: 2012
Country: China, United States
In 2012, China continued to outpace the United States in number of orbital launches, making ## orbital launch attempts in 2012, all of which were successful. This makes 2012 the second consecutive year in which China has surpassed the United States as the world’s second-most active launch...
Year: 2011
China’s annual total of ## flights surpassed its previous record of ## launches set in 2010. Additionally, 2011 marked the first year that China conducted more orbital launches than the United States, which performed ## launches in 2011. China’s increased launch rate over the last two years was...
Year: 2010
China began the year with only a few missions publicly disclosed, but a series of unannounced launches in the second half of the year made 2010 China’s busiest year ever in terms of launch activity, exceeding its previous national record of ## launches in 2008. While China had only launched ##...
Year: 2009
Country: China
China has long relied on the Long March (Chang Zheng) series of rockets to meet its orbital launch needs. With the Long March 1 series now retired, the Long March 2 and 3 series constitute the bulk of the Chinese rocket fleet, while the Long March 4 series serves smaller payloads.

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