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Year: 2008
Country: China, Venezuela
Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is China’s largest and oldest spaceport, founded in 1958 with Soviet assistance. Jiuquan has gone through numerous upgrades, and in 2008 launched ## rockets, including Shenzhou 7, China’s third manned mission and first Chinese mission to include a spacewalk.
Year: 2008
The trend of globalization in space activity continues, with nations entering into agreements to use each other’s infrastructure and space assets. Two decades ago only the United States, the Soviet Union, Europe, and China regularly launched and deployed satellites and other missions to space....
Year: 2012
Revenues from DTH television services comprised ##% of the commercial space products and services sector, and grew from $## billion in 2011 to $## billion in 2012. North American DTH providers DIRECTV and DISH Network continue to be the largest suppliers, with combined revenues of $## billion for...
Year: 2009
The Chinese civil space budget is not published, and estimates of spending vary widely. In 2005, the vice administrator of the China National Space Administration (CNSA) stated that the Chinese space budget was US$## million. However, many analysts contend that annual Chinese civil space spending...
Year: 2012
Around the globe, many smaller nations—in economy or population size—are investing in space projects or programs. These emerging space states generally feature relatively small-scale investments in space applications linked to specific national socioeconomic development objectives. The exhibit...
Year: 2005
Country: Venezuela
Satellite capabilities are enabling dependable voting mechanisms in governments around the world. An e-voting satellite network, such as Gilat’s VSAT network, consists of a satellite dish and modem at each polling site connected to a central hub. Each poll operates electronic voting machines,...
Year: 2005
Country: India, Venezuela
VSAT (very small aperture terminal) networks can be used by governments for coordinating electronic voting and telemedicine. Venezuela recently used the Gilat VSAT network in its 2004 elections. Across the globe in India, satellites enable a telemedicine network that connects rural hospitals with...
Year: 2013
China’s launch rate in 2013 fell by ##% compared to the previous two years, when China set a national record for number of orbital launches. Of China’s ## orbital launch attempts in 2013, ## were successful and deployed a variety of military, civil, and crewed spacecraft. 
Year: 2008
Country: China, Nigeria, Venezuela
China’s increasing participation in space continued in 2008 with the record high of ## orbital launches, exceeding its previous peak of ## orbital launches in 2007. These launches used China’s only operational vehicle family, the Long March (“Chang Zheng”, or CZ) series.

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