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Year: 2016
There are more than ## space agencies worldwide, with nations on every inhabited continent involved in space activities. The exhibit below shows the most recent available annual budget for civil space activities in a selection of these nations.
Year: 2017
NASA’s Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) uses sounding rockets as training tools for engineers and scientists, as well as for educating future engineers and scientists. The program provides...
Year: 2016
Government sounding rocket programs, such as NASA’s Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO), use sounding rockets as training tools for future engineers and scientists. More launch opportunities...
Year: 2015
New Zealand gained a potential spaceport as U.S. company Rocket Lab began construction of an orbital launch site in December 2015. Rocket Lab intends to complete launch site construction in early 2016 and begin flight tests of their Electron rocket.
Year: 2015
NASA’s Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) launches sounding rockets from locations such as Andøya, Norway; Esrange, Sweden; Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands; Poker Flats, Alaska; White Sands, New Mexico; and Wallops Island, Virginia. The suborbital nature of the sounding rockets makes them...
Topic: ISS
Year: 2005
The largest in-space platform ever constructed is the International Space Station (ISS). “Led by the United States, the ISS draws upon the scientific and technological resources of 16 nations: Canada, Japan, Russia, 11 nations of the European Space Agency [Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany,...
Year: 2009
Ground stations are an essential but often overlooked segment of space infrastructure. Ground stations connect satellites to terrestrial networks and collect satellite information ranging from tracking and telemetry to imagery and scientific data. The stations also upload information to spacecraft,...
Year: 2008
Country: Sweden
Esrange is a small spaceport located near Kiruna in northern Sweden. It was founded in 1964 by the European Space Research Organization, the predecessor to ESA, and in 1972 was transferred to the Swedish Space Corporation. Thus far, only suborbital rockets and high altitude balloons have been...
Year: 2009
Country: Sweden, United States
Esrange, a small launch site located near Kiruna in northern Sweden, is expected to enter the suborbital human spaceflight market under the name Spaceport Sweden. The operators of the site entered into a “sister spaceport” agreement with Spaceport America in January 2009 to promote the industry...
Year: 2008
Two competing influences shape the near-term prospects of space astronomy: the burgeoning worldwide development of astronomical technology and human talent, and the decrease in governmental support for basic science brought on by economic and fiscal pressures.
Topic: Economy
Year: 2017
Global government spending increased in 2017, totaling $## billion, up from $## billion in 2016...
Year: 2011
The number of European space workers counted has expanded by ##% over five years, from ## full-time equivalent (FTE) employees at the end of 2005 to ## FTE employees in 2010. While some of the changes in European space workforce by sector reflected in Exhibit 4l are attributable to Eurospace...
Year: 2014
Some garment makers, such as Björn Borg, are attempting to address a very real need for heat resistance in underclothes. Working with materials used to protect astronauts, garment manufacturers are heeding the wishes of Swedish steelworkers, a demographic working in very heated conditions, and...

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