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Year: 2016
There are more than ## space agencies worldwide, with nations on every inhabited continent involved in space activities. The exhibit below shows the most recent available annual budget for civil space activities in a selection of these nations.
Year: 2015
Data on the European space workforce is collected annually via surveys by Eurospace, an association of the European space manufacturing industry. The survey focuses on design, development, and...
Year: 2015
New Zealand gained a potential spaceport as U.S. company Rocket Lab began construction of an orbital launch site in December 2015. Rocket Lab intends to complete launch site construction in early 2016 and begin flight tests of their Electron rocket.
Year: 2015
NASA’s Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) launches sounding rockets from locations such as Andøya, Norway; Esrange, Sweden; Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands; Poker Flats, Alaska; White Sands, New Mexico; and Wallops Island, Virginia. The suborbital nature of the sounding rockets makes them...
Topic: ISS
Year: 2005
The largest in-space platform ever constructed is the International Space Station (ISS). “Led by the United States, the ISS draws upon the scientific and technological resources of 16 nations: Canada, Japan, Russia, 11 nations of the European Space Agency [Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany,...
Year: 2009
By 2008, European space employment reached ## full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, which remains ##% lower than the near-historic high in 2001, when employment totaled approximately ## jobs with ##% annual growth. Space employment fell each year from 2002 to 2005, including a ##% decrease in 2005...
Year: 2008
Scandicraft, a Norwegian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) service provider, has developed a system that “geotags,” or marks the physical location of, aerial images from a disaster area and uploads the images via satellite link within minutes.
Year: 2009
The Norwegian Coast Guard finds satellite imagery vital for identifying the exact location of icebergs and ice floes in order to protect ship traffic. Kongsberg Satellite Services provides satellite imagery of the Arctic Ocean captured by ESA’s Envisat satellite and Canada’s RADARSAT-1...
Year: 2010
The category of uncrewed suborbital rockets is dominated by expendable sounding rockets. Suborbital sounding rockets are often a first step for a burgeoning space program. Payloads are almost exclusively scientific in nature and often include atmospheric samplers or radiation detectors. An example...
Year: 2011
Two other space programs made news in 2011, as space newcomer Iran successfully conducted ## launch and the multinational commercial venture Sea Launch resumed operations after a hiatus of nearly two and a half years. 
Year: 2010
South Korea made its ## attempt to launch the Korea Space Launch Vehicle (KSLV), in June 2010. However, contact with the rocket was lost 137 seconds after liftoff. Korean officials blamed the failure on the Russian-provided first stage, while Russian officials claimed the problem was with Korean...
Year: 2016
The global space industry employs hundreds of thousands of individuals in well-paid cutting-edge technology jobs, and it relies on a pool of highly qualified workers to fill new jobs as they arise.

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