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New Zealand

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Year: 2017
During 2017, ## spaceports were used by U.S. orbital launch operators: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS), Florida; Kennedy Space Center (KSC),...
This Rocket Lab Space Launch Vehicle status page has a lot of great updated data. Subscribe to see the data and unlock Rocket Lab’s achievements.
This status board contains a lot of high-quality updated Rocket Lab data. Subscribe to unlock current Rocket Lab achievements.
Year: 2015
New Zealand gained a potential spaceport as U.S. company Rocket Lab began construction of an orbital launch site in December 2015. Rocket Lab intends to complete launch site construction in early 2016 and begin flight tests of their Electron rocket.
Year: 2011
To improve the resolution from ground-based observatories and to capture light from distant, dim objects, telescopes are growing larger. Due to the correspondingly large cost of construction and operation, these massive telescopes are often supported financially by multinational consortia.
Year: 2012
Astronomers are laying the groundwork for a new generation of extraordinarily large observatories. The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Telescope will be the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope ever built. The SKA takes its name from the combined size of the collecting area of the...
Year: 2013
Dedicated and secure communications links are vital to defense agencies around the world. Increasing demand for capacity—particularly secure connectivity using non-commercial frequency bands—has driven the deployment of dedicated military communications satellites. The U.S. military buys a...
Year: 2014
Global, dedicated, and secure communications networks are vital to governments, militaries, and agencies around the world. Increased demand for capacity—particularly secure connectivity using non-commercial frequency bands—continued to drive deployment of dedicated military communications...
Year: 2012
Throughout the world, space policies, strategies, and plans are formalized in documents through which governments communicate the priorities and strategic objectives of their space programs. Space policies describe the overarching approach that guides a country’s space program within the context...
Topic: Economy
Year: 2017
Global government spending increased in 2017, totaling $## billion, up from $## billion in 2016...

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