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Year: 2016
Country: Belgium, Ireland
Cities in Belgium and Ireland are finding interesting ways to keep traffic moving using space technology and communications networks.
Year: 2012
Revenues from DTH television services comprised ##% of the commercial space products and services sector, and grew from $## billion in 2011 to $## billion in 2012. North American DTH providers DIRECTV and DISH Network continue to be the largest suppliers, with combined revenues of $## billion for...
Year: 2010
Although European space employment has posted growth in both the past year and over a five-year span, signaling stability in the face of an economic slowdown, changing budget allocations may affect European space employment levels. As of late 2010, multiple EU nations, including France, Ireland,...
Year: 2012
Inspired by the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nestlé devised its own version of the Golden Ticket contest, but with a decidedly space-age twist. Customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland who discover one of six GPS trackers packaged with a Nestlé chocolate bar will win £10,000...

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