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Country: Indonesia
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of Indonesia’s biggest providers of small loans. Its customers reside in a territory spanning about 3,000 kilometers (1,860 miles), encompassing nearly...
Year: 2005
Data communications services include very small aperture terminal (VSAT) services, Internet backhaul, direct-to-home broadband, and mobile data.
Year: 2011
The DeforestACTION project is using satellite imagery to combat illegal logging through its Earth Watchers software tool, currently in beta testing. The difficulty of locating and identifying illegal deforestation often prevents law enforcement from limiting this activity. DeforestACTION allocates...
Year: 2016
The global space industry relies on a highly qualified workforce. Understanding the trends in this workforce, including changes in size and demographics, provides insight into the overall health of the...

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