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Year: 2011
As space activities across the globe become more dynamic—blending commercial, government, and cross-border activities—governments increasingly see a need for a formal space policy to provide a framework for coordination and integration of activities. Effective space policy can foster public...
Year: 2008
A technology developed by ESA is helping rural areas to provide on-demand public bus service. In many rural areas, public transportation connections are infrequent. Governments are reluctant to increase public transportation services where revenue does not justify the expense.
Year: 2010
Country: Algeria, India, Russia
India conducted ## launches in 2010, up from two in 2009. However, ## of the ## in 2010 were unsuccessful. The ## ## used the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle to carry into orbit two remote sensing satellites, one of which was Indian and the other Algerian, along with several small technology...

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