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See Your Speed While Shredding the Slopes

Another innovative use of GPS technology that yielded an unconventional product is Recon Instruments’ head-up display (HUD) for skiers, called MOD Live. The display mounts into conventional ski goggles and provides…

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GPS Watches Help Athletes

GPS technologies continue to evolve, and several companies are energetically marketing GPS receivers embedded into products and platforms beyond phones or dedicated devices. For example, recent advances in miniaturizing GPS modules have allowed GPS watches to…

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Touring India Using GPS and 3D Maps

The integration of GPS receivers in smartphones has resulted in a surge of travel and navigation applications that can be used to enhance a travel experience. A startup company called My…

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Know Before They Show

The time and productivity lost waiting for another person at a meeting or social event is another common problem addressed by smartphone GNSS apps. The Glympse app links people prior to…

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Getting a Charge with mapZero

Beyond turn-by-turn navigation, GNSS abilities within smartphones are increasingly used to facilitate daily travel experiences. Owners of electric vehicles from cars to Segways are limited by the range of their vehicles,…

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Better Breathing Through Chemistry: Airocide

Purification of air is also critical in space habitats, where breathable atmosphere must be conserved, and venting potentially harmful volatile organic compounds and ethylene gas is not an option. Airocide, a…

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