United States

2017 – U.S. Space Workforce

The U.S. Space workforce is composed of more than 173,000 workers across the commercial, civil, and national security sectors. In recent years, the U.S. space workforce has been shrinking, and…

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2018 – GPS Ground Networks

In 2018, the USAF continued GPS operations with ground equipment that is decades old. The number of command and control antennas (which the USAF uses to send GPS satellite commands…

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2018 – Global Positioning System (GPS)

The U.S. maintained 31 operational GPS satellites during 2018, the same number operational during 2017. While that number of operational satellites is seven more than the minimum number of GPS…

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2017 – Communications Satellites Overview

Aggregate revenues in the satellite communications industry have been relatively static over recent years, even as specific markets grew or declined. The 92 communications satellites deployed in 2017 constituted a…

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