U.S. Space Workforce

U.S. Space Industry Employment

2014 – U.S. Space Industry Employment

Each quarter, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publishes data on employment and salaries within U.S. establishments as reported by employers. This census includes 98% of U.S. jobs, making…

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2011 – U.S. Space Workforce Outlook

The ongoing impacts of the economic slowdown and the reductions in NASA’s contractor workforce are not the only issues affecting U.S. space industry employees. The American aerospace workforce is aging.…

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2011 – U.S. Space Industry Employment

As an indicator of U.S. space industry employment, the Space Foundation surveyed the ## U.S. companies (including two joint ventures between Boeing and Lockheed Martin) with space-related sales greater than…

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2007 – U.S. Space Industry Outlook

These statistics quantify the thousands of jobs nationwide that are supported by the U.S. space industry. Clearly, a strong space industry is beneficial to national, state, and local economies when…

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