Orbital Payload Launch

Russian Payload Launches

2011 – Russia Launch, Payload

Russia entered 2011 in the midst of an investigation into the loss of a Proton rocket carrying three Russian government navigation satellites in December 2010. Russian space officials scrambled to…

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2010 – Russia Launch, Payload

The Russian space program maintained its historically high launch rate while continuing development of its new spaceport and launch vehicles. Over the course of 2010, Russia conducted ## orbital launches,…

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2009 – Russia Launch, Payload

As in recent years, Russia led the world in orbital launches, with ## in 2009, sustaining a long history of pioneering space accomplishments. In 2009 Russia launched payloads on seven…

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2008 – Russia Launch, Payload

In each of the past five years from 2004 through 2008, Russia has led the world in the number of orbital launches. In 2008, Russia matched its 2007 launch rate,…

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