Perspective – TSR 2013

Perspective - TSR 2013 covers topics that include space policy, space as a tool in international trade and development, building space infrastructure, and spaceports as an economic engine.  

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2011 – Cosmic Discovery

Observatories, space probes, and the scientists that operate them push humanity’s frontiers further out into the Universe. A range of exciting space science missions are in development that will expand…

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2011 – Perspective – Snapshot

For half a century, human beings have been traveling to and from Earth’s orbit. Since the April 12, 1961 flight of Yuri Gagarin, 523 spacefarers from 34 countries have flown…

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2010 – Perspective

Space activities have become central to the way we live, work, and play. Every day, around the world, people experience the benefits of human engagement in space. Space applications and…

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2010 – Cosmic Discovery

In a way unlike any other area of human activity, space allows us to look beyond ourselves. Whether we are looking toward the Sun, outward into the galaxy to search…

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