2009 – Military Space Activities

Militaries around the globe use space as a force multiplier, a capability that significantly increases the efficiency of other military assets, thereby enhancing the probability of mission success with minimal…

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2009 – Expanding Human Boundaries

For the majority of the space era, human spaceflight was pursued solely by the United States and Russia, or the former Soviet Union. This exclusive club is likely to expand…

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2010 – Cosmic Discovery

In a way unlike any other area of human activity, space allows us to look beyond ourselves. Whether we are looking toward the Sun, outward into the galaxy to search…

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2011 – Cosmic Discovery

Observatories, space probes, and the scientists that operate them push humanity’s frontiers further out into the Universe. A range of exciting space science missions are in development that will expand…

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2011 – Space Policy: Programs and Progress

As space activities across the globe become more dynamic—blending commercial, government, and cross-border activities—governments increasingly see a need for a formal space policy to provide a framework for coordination and…

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