2010 – Brazilian Government Space Budget

The National Congress of Brazil’s 2011 Federal Budget authorizes ## million reais (US$## million) for activities associated with the National Program of Space Activities (PNAE), a decrease of ##% from…

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2011 – Brazilian Government Space Budget

The National Congress of Brazil’s 2012 Federal Budget authorized ## million reais (US$## million) in funding for civil space activities in two civil government agencies. This represents an increase of…

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2013 – Additional Country Space Budgets

Around the globe, many smaller nations—whether in terms of economy or population size—are investing in space projects or programs. Exhibit 2cc shows the most recent available yearly budget for civil…

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2012 – Other Space Employment

There are more than 50 countries with space programs in all regions of the world. Although it is not possible to get detailed statistics on many of these groups from…

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2014 – GLONASS

Russia launched ## GLONASS satellites in 2014, maintaining a constellation of ## operational satellites. Russia also faced some challenges with GLONASS during 2014. On April 1, GLONASS satellites transmitted messages…

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2011 – Other Countries, Launch, Payload

Two other space programs made news in 2011, as space newcomer Iran successfully conducted ## launch and the multinational commercial venture Sea Launch resumed operations after a hiatus of nearly…

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