2009 – Military Space Activities

Militaries around the globe use space as a force multiplier, a capability that significantly increases the efficiency of other military assets, thereby enhancing the probability of mission success with minimal…

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2009 – Satellite Television – Snapshot

Note: This section's exhibit is from The Space Report 2010. DTH television’s $68.14 billion in estimated 2009 revenue constitutes 75% of the commercial satellite services sector. North American DTH companies…

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2009 – Disaster Charter – Snapshot

Remote sensing satellites provide data to assess the scope and impact of disasters that have occurred. The information also enables planning for the mitigation of events that may occur. The…

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2009 – Russian Government Space Budget – Snapshot

Russian space spending increased dramatically in 2009. The planned budget for Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, was more than 87.9 billion rubles (US$2.9 billion).[efn_note]“Russia – Organisations: Roscosmos." European Commission…

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2009 – Meteorology – Snapshot

NASA operates or participates in more than a dozen remote sensing satellites and international programs. The Jason satellite, a joint mission between France and the United States that follows the…

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