Payload Launch

Orbital Payload Launch

2009 – Europe Launch and Payload – Snapshot

Europe’s space launch capability is managed by ESA via France-based Arianespace, a public-private consortium of 23 shareholders and ten European nations. European launches are conducted using facilities located at Kourou…

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2009 – Russia Launch and Payload – Snapshot

[exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2009?country()=Russia?title_prefix=Russian Orbital Launches[/exhibit] As in recent years, Russia led the world in orbital launches, with 29 in 2009, sustaining a long history of pioneering space accomplishments. In 2009 Russia launched…

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2009 – U.S. Launch and Payload – Snapshot

[exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2009?country()=United States?title_prefix=U.S. Orbital Launches[/exhibit] Seven different American-operated launch vehicle families performed 24 orbital launches in 2009: the Atlas V, Delta II, Delta IV, Falcon 1, Minotaur I, Space Shuttle, and Taurus…

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