Commercial Infrastructure and Support Industries

2005 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

In 2005, six ISS resupply launches were made from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. NASA paid Roscosmos $## million per launch. NASA’s planned funding for COTS is shown in Exhibit 4q. In 2005, NASA spent $## billion on space operations, (which includes the shuttle and ISS) and spent $## billion on exploration systems. Note that these funds are reflected in the overall NASA budget shown for 2006.

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2005 – Ground Stations and Receivers

Ground equipment revenues were $## billion in 2005, according to SIA data. These revenues include infrastructure elements such as mobile terminals, gateways, control stations, as well as end-user equipment such as very small aperture terminals (VSATs) and ultra small aperture terminals (USATs), direct-to-home (DTH) broadcast dishes, satellite phones and digital audio radio satellite (DARS) equipment.

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2005 – Satellite Manufacturing

According to the SIA, 2005 total commercial and government satellite manufacturing revenue was $## billion. Of this, ## percent of revenue was from government satellites ($## billion) and ## percent was non-governmental ($## billion). This number counts the revenues for the payload in the year in which it was launched, not necessarily the year the revenue was realized. Also, the revenue is totaled in then-year dollars; it is not adjusted for inflation.

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