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The Space Report contains worldwide space facts and figures and is illustrated with photographs, charts and graphs. Within are myriad examples of the benefits of space exploration and utilization, the challenges facing the space sector, the opportunities for future growth and the major factors that shape the industry. In addition, The Space Report includes an overview of each sector, easy-to-understand definitions and up-to-date information on space infrastructure, facilities, launches and programs. The Space Report is a must-have reference cited by major publications.

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A domestic space capability, Boyce says, could open opportunities for Australia to capture part of the exploding space market, which generated an estimated US$

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One possible reason ISRO seems to be on the up and up could come from the growing market for space in general. A 2015 report from the Space Foundation estimated


Marketplace - February 3, 2016

Companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are creating a new, private space race, and that has some rural areas fantasizing about the roles they could play in the Read more

90.1 WABE - February 1, 2016

Georgia could soon have its own space coast. Officials in Camden County, in the southeastern corner of the state, hope to build a commercial spaceport where companies could launch rockets. This is one of several... Read more

The Washington Post - January 28, 2016

Last year, when Google and Fidelity invested $1 billion into Elon Musk’s SpaceX, one of the company’s earliest backers also wanted to get in on the latest round of funding. But SpaceX ever-so... Read more

Live Trading News - January 3, 2016

With Singapore’s traditional export industries such as electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and engineering services under pressure due to shrinking demand from important export partners such as China and Europe, the small city state has... Read more


The Straits Times - December 29, 2015

Singapore's modest jump into space, with the launch of six satellites recently, is a small nation's shot at a big industry. Orbital commerce (that encompasses mobile and broadband communications, and satellite-based monitoring systems) was valued at... Read more