2008 - Perspective

2008 – Perspective

2008 was a challenging year for the world in many ways, and the space industry has not been immune to these challenges. Despite the systemic problems besetting the economy, positive…

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2008 – Cosmic Discovery: A Look Ahead

Two competing influences shape the near-term prospects of space astronomy: the burgeoning worldwide development of astronomical technology and human talent, and the decrease in governmental support for basic science brought…

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2008 – Space Economics: Investment

The credit crisis in 2008 reduced capital available to commercial companies interested in investing in the space sector. This crisis and the cooling down of economies around the globe has…

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2008 – Military Space Activity

The United States, Europe, and Japan all took steps in 2008 that will affect the direction and prominence of their military space activities in coming years. The increasing reliance of…

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2008 – Civil Space Activity

The trend of globalization in space activity continues, with nations entering into agreements to use each other’s infrastructure and space assets. Two decades ago only the United States, the Soviet…

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